What is Haptonomy?

Find out more about developing a loving relationship with your baby throughout pregnancy.

What Is Haptonomy?

Pregnancy can be fun, exciting and sometimes create new worries. How will our future be, what exactly happens in the womb, what is my partner feeling, how is our child developing and how can we have an influence on this? These are some of the questions that future parents have to face, even if the new baby is a second or third child.

With the new pregnancy, your relationship and family life will change. Meanwhile, life continues along with other obligations. 
Practicing Haptonomy in pregnancy offers parents-to-be the opportunity to reflect on the pregnancy and to make early contact with their unborn child. It is what we called a “Loving Touch”.

Haptonomy “Loving Touch” is a childbirth preparation throughout pregnancy and birth based on the relation of tenderness that exists between the three actors (baby, mother, father/partner). Its principal objective is to develop a sense of security and autonomy in each of these three partners by taking into consideration their specific psycho-affective needs. Each will experience a truly loving presence in every step of the process (pregnancy, labour, delivery and the first year of the baby’s life).

Haptonomy helps couples develop a loving interactive relationship with their baby throughout pregnancy. This practice prepares for a gentle and consciously accompanied birth. Afterwards it helps the baby to develop autonomy during his or her first year of life.

A Sample Session

Haptonomy needs to take place in a private atmosphere. You, your pregnant partner and your child are the central focus of the guidance. In particular, the contact between you and the child gets much attention during the guidance.

Your partner has the advantage of the natural contact with the unborn child, for you more effort is needed to create a bond with your child. During pregnancy the way to create a bond is through the body of your partner. This is why we pay special attention to how you can reinforce your ability to make contact with the baby.

Good co-ordination and joint preparation for childbirth is a shared experience for the three of you. It is desirable (but not essential) to start the guidance between the 20th and 24th weeks of pregnancy. The preparation will then be organised every 4 weeks and finished around the 37th week. About 6 weeks or so, after the birth of the baby we’ll have a final meeting allowing you to debrief your experiences and discussany postnatal issues you might then face .


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