Keeping Labour Normal

1. Stay Home

Contractions >60 seconds in duration, 5 minutes apart, strong (can’t walk/talk through them)
Allow labour to start on its own (do not induce).

2. Good Labour Support

Know the people you can count on – who believe in and support you. Consider having a doula (you knew I would say that !).

3. Keep Moving – Change Positions

Don’t lie flat on your back. Wiggle your baby out!

4. Relax: Break Fear-Tension-Pain cycle

Listen to & trust your body – it knows how to birth a baby, and your baby knows how to be born. Trust birth.

5. Breathe – to focus and relax

6. Drink Often / Eat to Comfort

Drink: water, ice, popsicles, rasp. tea (that is if you can bear the taste), fruit juice, ginger ale, lucozade etc. Have frequent sips, between each contraction or two.

Eat: Toast w/ jam, yogurt, crackers, cheese, eggs, turkey sandwich, fruit. Remember, you might in labour for few days and will need nutrition!

7. Urinate Hourly

Baby cannot descend properly with a full bladder – this is very important.

8. Get in the Water! (bath or shower)

Penny Simkin: “The bath is as good as any narcotic.” ***A great place when labor gets tough and she gets worried she can’t do it!***

9. Massage / Counter Pressure

10. Dads / Birth Partners: It is very important for you to care for yourselves during the birth, too.

She is going to need your whole support, so it is vital for you to: Eat & drink (pack healthy sandwiches and snacks, drinks, etc. for yourself), do not forget to go to the loo you can’t possibly expect to fully support someone when you have been holding your bladder for many hours!, and be sure to Rest when you need to (it’s ok to let someone else take over for awhile).

The most crucial elements for Keeping Labour Normal are relaxation, good labor support, and not going to the birth center or hospital too early (if you have decided to go there that is).

For more information, feel free to contact me.