Birth afterthoughts service

Are you left with unanswered questions after your birth experience?

The Birth Afterthoughts service provides you with an opportunity, following your birth experience, to have any questions answered that you may not have previously asked.

At any point in time after your birth experience you may call us. We will get back to you to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time and venue. You will be offered a one-off session lasting up to one hour.

The transformation that takes place when a woman becomes a mother is one of the greatest changes that can take place in her life. The journey from the maiden to the mother is one that touches us, emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. All that shaped us before is now given over to the total surrender of the caregiver and the needs of a helpless baby.

The shock that many woman experience as they venture into motherhood for the first time can have an enormous impact on their relationship with their spouse, their family and the baby. Many woman comment that what they experienced at their birth was ‘unexpected’, ‘traumatic’ and ‘not how they had planned’, which leaves them asking many questions and often feeling unresolved about their birth experience.

In today’s age of highly interventionist birthing, many woman are feeling residual trauma, pain and emotional scarring from their birth experience.

Birth de-briefing offers the opportunity for a greater understanding of what happened at your birth, along with the opportunity for your story to be heard and counselled with a woman that understands the birthing world and the impact of unmet expectations.

Refreshers session

This session is designed for those who have experienced childbirth before, but want a review of coping strategies, the process of labour and the differences with having another child, various interventions and an update on the recent changes in practice and technology. This information is provided in a 2 hour session in the comfort of your home.

Isabelle will work with you in your own home to debrief your first birth, and try and help you to identify any areas that you may have wished to improve or to replicate.

To summarise, the refreshers session covers

  • Differences in this pregnancy compared to the last
  • Reviewing past birth experiences
  • Review of labour and birth
  • Practice labour coping skills
  • Discuss how to prepare children for a new sibling.
  • Exploration of what you’d like to repeat this time for birth and what you’d like different
  • Special segment for those considering a vaginal birth after previous Caesarean birth

This session is tailored to cover topics requested by expectant parents.