Antenatal Classes

Haptonomy sessions during pregnancy and traditional childbirth preparation.

Antenatal Services

Haptonomy or the Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth

The Loving Touch is holistic approach to childbirth preparation that helps couples develop a loving interactive relationship with their baby throughout pregnancy.

Session 1: Introduction

The first session is devoted to getting to know each other. I will talk about the background to the pregnancy, your knowledge of haptonomy and your expectations. You will learn how:

  • Contact can be made with the child
  • To feel and make acquaintance with your baby and feel the movements of the baby
  • Create more room in the abdominal area by relaxing it through touch
  • Invite the baby to meet you and make contact with your presence

Session 2: The mother’s comfort

The parent will learn how:

  • To help the mother bearing the child more from the base and supporting her by allowing the child to rest on the base muscles of the pelvis
  • Some techniques to help the mother to relax and carry the baby during pregnancy. This will influence her energy positively
  • Daily / weekly different postures and their practical consequences

Session 3: Dealing with pain

During the third meeting, I will focus on the mother’s role during labour and how to deal with the associated pain during labour. I will explore how you deal with pain generally, a prelude to how you are expected to deal with the pain during labour. If necessary, I will teach you how to cope with pain differently. I will also pay attention to the importance of your role during the process of labour. You will learn how:

  • to support the mother to deal with pain
  • to support the mother during labour
  • Which positions are useful during labour
  • The birth process
  • Massage techniques

Session 4: 2nd Stage of Labour and Postnatal life with baby

The fourth session is devoted to the arrival of the baby, including breastfeeding, postnatal baby care and how to welcome / hold baby after birth ensuring that baby feels secured.

Session 5: Life with a child ( 1 to 2 months after the birth)

This final meeting will take place two to three months after the birth. I will focus on how your life has evolved since the arrival of your baby.

I will also pay a lot of attention to the your experiences during labour and how you feel about your cooperation and your relationship with the baby. Finally, I will look at how feeding is going. In addition, you will also learn practical tips such as how to carry the baby and any other postnatal issues you wish to discuss.


Traditional NCT Childbirth Preparation –  check on to get the next set of my dates.

Please note NCT offers a reduced price options for parents with a low household income or on benefits.


Childbirth preparation in Harborne, Bournville and Barnt Green. 12 hours

You will ideally attend my sessions when you are between 30 – 36 weeks pregnant.

My antenatal classes have been created by listening to hundreds of parents telling me what they really want to know. My objective is to give you as much information and confidence as you need to help make the best choices for you and your baby. My antenatal classes are informal, interactive and fun, and restricted to 6 couples as a maxium to ensure optimal condition to learn.

I deliver all my  sessions in  a friendly and open learning environment to encourage you to build lasting relationships with others. Each antenatal class will have a bespoke agenda tailored to the group’s specific needs. Should you have any particular needs then I am able to offer you one to one time to address your concern.

My sessions go beyond what typical childbirth classes offer. You will learn lots of practical information through thought-provoking dialogues and engaging exercises. Expectant couples master a variety of mind-focusing practices which include breathing exercises, practice of labour comfort measures, training as a labor support partner, and exploring the compassionate use of epidurals.

During class, we will discuss relevant topics to help you build confidence and to give you and your partner time to practice skills to help you cope with the pain of childbirth.

My sessions can include:

  •    Normal labor, birth, and the early postnatal period
  •     Positioning to facilitate the normal progress of labour and birth
  •     Massage techniques to ease the pain of labour
  •     Coping skills to use during labor and after pregnancy to relieve stress and suffering
  •     Labour support skills for the birth partner
  •     Skills to communicate effectively with your health care team
  •     Guidance to make informed decisions
  •     What to do should a cesarean birth become necessary

You will leave the sessions with:

  • Practical information for birth partners to help them understand the dos and don’ts of being in the presence of a birthing mother.
  • Practices to induce relaxation during labour
  • Labour comfort skills
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Pain coping skills and techniques
  • Touch (massage) training to be used in labour
  • Knowledge of the compassionate use of epidurals
  • How to survive back labour
  • Plan to deal with visitors (or would be) visitors after the birth of the baby
  • A set of electronic handouts and weblinks to explore at your own pace
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