Haptonomy – Bonding, The French Way

Haptonomy is an holistic way to bond with a baby, to prepare childbirth and to enter into the journey to parenthood.

Created after the war by Dutch doctor Frans Veldman, haptonomy is all about ‘touch and feel’ and establishing or re-establishing contact between people. Practiced during pregnancy it allows the development of an affectionate relationship with the baby.

It encourages the couple to live pregnancy and birth together and in the pleasure of welcoming their baby via affectionate and securing touch .

Starting haptonomy in the first trimester of pregnancy allows the parents to  develop earlier on a relationship with their baby using different games of interaction, thanks to their touch, their voice, their presence.

It also proposes a preparation for labour and delivery for which the objective is to develop the confidence of the mother in her potential to bring her baby into the world in total security. A mother, accompanied and reassured, will find the necessary inner resource to face fear and pain, especially if she has chosen natural childbirth.

This preparation also permits partners, should they wish to, to be more actively involved. In this way the baby will feel guided and accompanied by his two parents all through labour and delivery.

This approach can continue by a loving support through play for the baby’s development from birth to walking, whose goal is to help the baby develop confidence in him or herself.


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